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NEW TECH ARTICLE - Torsion Bar 401

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There are TONS of misconceptions on torsion bars, and lots of bad info floating around on other sites tech articles about them. I decided I needed to clear up what a torsion bar is, how it works and some facts on them. Its close to done, close enough to post. I WILL be adding some more over the next few weeks. If it doesnt answer your quetion ask me in here so I can add it.

Here it is, the offical Torsion Bar 401
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Good job on the write up, but I'd suggest you make the font a bit bigger and maybe not go from edge to edge (of the page) - kinda hard to read, at least, its hard on my eyes.

Good of you to take the time to write all that up

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jebx said:
Excellent article, one of the better ones I have seen. You put more effort into that than I did in all of high school!

hahaha sad part is I DID put in more effort on it than I did in high school as well :crazy:
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