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Covid + Unemployed for 14 months + Divorce = a new outlook on life in general (downsize and simplify). When this 98 came up for grabs (personally know the previous owner) it was simple...had it in my garage that same afternoon. She has a few miles on her (just over 400k km) but is in great shape for the most part.

Plans include rockguarding the rockers and around the wheel wells, throwing on some factory style flares, aftermarket wheels (still on the fence whether to go old school and keep the 16s or go with an 18 or 20 to make it a bit more "modern"), as well as a wrap. Since I own my own tint business I can do the wrap a little at a time myself...the hood and roof are driving me crazy lol.

Definitely a work in project as I have had to replace the injection spider (thank God for google and youtube), power steering hoses, outside door handles, inside door handles...radiator and hoses are next. Rockauto has been my best new friend lately.


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