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New to the Forum Need some help on some axles

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Hey guys I just bought an 85 K10 with a 305. Its got a 4 inch lift and 36x14.50 super swamper tsl's. I was working on the front axle today putting new axle joints in and wheel bearings and seals. When I put the hubs back toghether and buttoned everything up. I took it for a drive and discovered my hubs were not disengaging. Im thinking I need a new hub locks?
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Not sure if you know this, You usually need to stop and back up a few feet after going back into 2wd if you have the automatic locks. If they still won't disengage then it is probably the hublocks sticking.

I had this problem on my K5 Blazer and just swapped over to Warn manual hublocks.
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