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New to the site...just saying hi.

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Just picked up my truck yesterday, it's a 2004 Regular Cab Silverado w/ the 5.3. Looking for some direction in way of modifications, both suspension and engine.

Who makes a quality cat-back system? Since that's the first thing I am looking at doing because I can't stand that god-awful looking tailpipe. I am a Mustang man at heart, so I know what works for them, but this is my first venture into modifying a Chevy, so I don't really know who makes quality stuff, and what sounds good, etc. Any advice? Thanks :D

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I was looking thru the sponsers here on the site, and found a clip of the Corsa Dual 3.5" catback, and I am in love. What's the fit and finish like with Corsa? I know they make good shit for Corvettes. I think that's what I will be ordering, but it is ~$790 or some shit :pissed: Thanks
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