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So I just picked up a 2007 Ext Cab GMC Sierra 1500. Its the bare bones work truck but I love it! I actually didn't think I'd love it as much as I do! It trailered my Audi from Florida to here with zero issues, very strong.

Long story short picked the truck up in December since I was being transferred to Houston for work (the roads suck out here! Didn't want to drive my beloved Audi every day haha)

Since I come from the car modding world I couldn't leave the truck alone for very long, so far I've installed a temp/compass mirror and a Borla exhaust with side exit pipes. Still debating on lowering it or putting a 2" leveling lift kit on it. I really want an aggressive stance, flush wheels with fenders, meaty tires, 18" OEM wheels, I like the newer silverado wheels a lot. Other things in the near future, fogs, HIDs, debaging the tailgate, all red LED tails, chrome rear bumper to match the front...I'm sure this list will get longer.

Anyway, on to pictures:

Untitled by C.A.N., on Flickr

Lower bumper was bugging me so I painted it this afternoon, doesn't look the best but better then it was. I'll be replacing it soon. by C.A.N., on Flickr by C.A.N., on Flickr

Annnnd my A4

by C.A.N., on Flickr

Started out auto and I swapped a 5 speed into it

by C.A.N., on Flickr

The car is on Airlift bags and 18" D2 A8 wheels that I hand polished. Was going to go BT a while back but decided against it since it was my daily...not that its not it may be under the knife soon haha Really into an OEM+ look, I plan on keeping the truck the same way.

Any advice? Links? anything would be appreciated.
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