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New Truck Pics/Vacation/New Updates

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New Truck Pics/New Updates

I am going to keep this page to post all my new mods/truck pics.

Mod List that i am going to add to as i go...

6" pro-comp w leveling keys and 1.5" BL
5" lift blocks and 1" add-a-leafs and "1.5 BL
20x10 BMF S.O.T.A.'s Death Metal Black
35/12.50/20 Toyo MT
Fox 2.0 resi. Shocks Front
Bilstein 5150’S rear

Xtant A4004
Image Dynamics 6.5" OEM mids
Peerless HDS Tweets
Rammat everything
Second Skin Speaker Tweaker Kit
kennwood 7" flip out screen
2 Visualogic headrest monitors
Xtant X1001
Image Dynamics ID Max 12"sub
PYTHON remote start/alarm
Yellow Top battery

Escalade handles
Street Scene Black powder coated Speed Grills in tow hooks and main grill
Street Scene Black powder coated bowtie
shaved all the emblems and door molding
custom clear headlights
black painted calipers
HID's highs/fogs
Blacked out 3rd brake light and tail lights
smoked fog lights
5% window tint
Black 06 Valence
Tow Mirrors (waiting for paint)
Line-X bed


Holley valve covers
TOG mid-length Headers w/ ORY pipe with no cats
AEM brute force
Baer Big Brake kit
True Duals turndowns
BlackBear tuned ECU
MSD Wires
Royal Purple everything
4.88 Yukons front and rear
T/A Performance girdle

Going to start off with some pics from a few weeks ago. The Wifey and I went to Ocracoke Island, NC. We had a blast!

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maybe he meant hes going to go on vacation and hes going to have a blast, and then he will take pics of his truck, and then come back and post.:think:

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pics....then post......

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I thought you said 200 pics...

Pics of truck - Check
Pics of rest of vaca - Nope
Pics of Wife - Nope

More pics please

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She read your posts?

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Where did you stay? My dad and I go down there every year to go fishing. Our close family friends own the Pony Island and a bunch of other stuff on the island.

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Since going to the beach I have been working on a few things. I washed the truck and used a claybar, polish, then waxed it up. Also painted the engine parts Pewter, and I have cleaned and painted the under carriage (frame, axle and all). I polished up my rims too....

I'll try to get some pics up asap...
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