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just layed some money down for a new truck... i was always the guy to say built not bought, but i couldnt resist here.

1979 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4, ff14b with a detroit locker, dana44 with posi, both with 4.10's, 6" procomp suspention lift, 38x12.5x15 super swamper TSL's on 15x10 rock crawler wheels, TH350, NP203, extended drivelines, new dark blue paint job with white flame pinstriping and a big hood scoop stickin out on top.
Interior is nothing special.. auto meter guages and some bucket seats. It has a built 350 in it, but he knocked off the price $500 if he could keep it and i was guna put my 454 in it anyways.. so i paid $1300 for a pretty much completely built mud runner.

Plans: swap NP208 and 454 in, cut down my 3" body lift blocks to about 1-2 and put that on to make sure for clearance, then get an extra set of rims and put my 15/39.5x15 super swamper STS's on them for street.

Its a pretty nice running rig, but it has some bugs to be worked out.
I know, this post is worthless without pics but i dont have a digi cam.

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Sounds like a place a bad ass rig i understand about not having pics on a post i can picture it in my head . :head:
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