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New Wheels

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I picked up the moto metals back in november when I got the truck then relized they were pretty popular. Oh well, I am running a set of 33x11.5x16 TSL Thornbirds I wanted it to have an aggressive stance. All thats left is the body work come spring time, planning on blacking out the rest of the truck

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Nice, seems like your about the same place I am, I need a little body work here and there and want black bumpers, grill, grillguard, etc.
I know most people hate thornbirds, but they do look sick!
I know most people hate thornbirds, but they do look sick!
yeah i was kinda iffy at first but i drive 90% on road and offroad the odd weekends. So i wanted the most aggressive tire i could get but keep it practical. They ride nice on the road, ill have to see how they wear. Im also only using them in the summer I have AT for the winter, in light snow they are useless but deep snow and mud they worked fine. So I dont know I havent had any problems yet, maybe its just the application.

And guardobus I love the beige of yours, my old van was the same colour was so easy to keep clean and take care of ... black is a little more work.
nice turds
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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