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These bars are brand new. i bought them from 4Wp to go on my yturck, but since i put my flares on and cut away some fenders they are too long and will interfere with my 36's that are coming. So im selling them. I gave i think about 400-450 for them, im not at home and cant look at the receipt. i will update later. i am going to see if 4wp will takem back though, if so thats where they will go unless someone wants them.
they are brand new, never mounted. i have the instructions and all hardware.

They have been powder coated black, they come just painted, and the ends were capped off to prevent anything from getting in there to rustem out. that cost me 50 bucks from a fab shop.

Here ya go-
N FAB step bars
one step per side
fits 88-98 C/K body, fleetside LONG BED

id like 400 shipped, but will take offers. LMK

Thanks guys!

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