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nitro with bags

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can you use an scuba tank for nitro with a bag setup they are 3000 psi, 72 cf
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You don't use nitro with bags. Nitro is what Top Fuel dragsters run off of.

Now if you want to run NITROGEN, then yes, you can. You need a regulator because you obviously can't run 3000psi through your valves/bags.

There are various types of gasses you can use for your bag setup. Regular compressed air, nitrogen, and helium. Nitrogen is faster and more expensive than compressed air, and helium is faster and more expensive than nitrogen.

And 72 cubic feet is a pretty small tank. You'd definitely want something bigger than that. You can pick all you need up at a local welding supply store.

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Black_Chrome said:
In truckin they had a bagged truck that used old fireman oxygen tanks, about 6 of them.
yup. he lives about 3 miles from me, he has since took those tanks out, and put two nitrogen bottles in
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