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nitto trail grappler or dune grappler 285/65/18

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Need some pic of the tires on som 18x9 wheels if anyone is running them can't seem to locate no pic leaning toward the trail grappler idt the dune grap will look that great in 18 but idk just don't want to look to narrow with 5.5" of lift
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Go trail grapplers
absolutely love my trails so far, dunes are gay imo
yes dunes are gay had them only lasted 18k but the trail ones are awesome so get those
Trails, dunes are gayer than aids. Unless your going to the dunes every weekend i wouldn't waste the money
trails, dunes have a reputation for being horrible on street performers and off road they are only good in sand from what I have heard.
Trail Grapplers
I don't personally care much for the dune graps myself, but a friend of mine has some and he only had this shitty phone picture.
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Pic settles it trails it is wanted them anyways dunes were just cheaper . I just hope the 285/65 does the job it needs to my 33x12.50 mud grapplers make my truck look mean them trails only gona be 11" wide but if I spent the money for the 1" more I could go back with mud gs . Tires are crazy now
My tires are 295/70r18 on an 18X9 and they don't look to narrow. The trail grapplers are larger than others. Mine measure a little over 12" wide. Pics are in my signature. If you want more let me know.
Does this excite you?

If not, buy trail grapplers.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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