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NNBS 2.5" Leveling Kit Problem

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I have searched and can't find the information I am looking for. I had a 2007 CC Sierra that I bought a leveling kit for it off of Ebay. The spacers that came with that leveling kit were 1.75" tall. It lifted the front high enough that I had to replace the rear blocks with 2.5" block to make it sit level. I sold that truck with the leveling kit on it and bought a 09 VMax EC Silverado and I am trying to find a leveling kit for it. I can't find the one that I bought anymore. The first one I checked on was the CCM kit and it is only 1-3/8" tall, then Auto Springs has one on ebay that is 1.5" tall, and I have check several others that are only 1.5" tall. I really want one that is the same height as the last one I had but I can't find one.

Does anyone know of a leveling kit that the spaces are 1.75" thick?
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