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nnbs 7.5" RCX got issues and questions

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nnbs 7.5" and 35's

First off, When you turn wheels to the left 3/4-full lock, I thought it was rubbing but now i know it is the brakes applying, the lines are stretched out and squeezing the rubber lines, what to do?

I want to put the 1.5-2" spacer in the front to get it up somemore so i can run my boggers this winter, are there problems with this? next, I need stiffness in the ass end, the sag makes my tires rub the fenderwells with trailer behind it, do i put add a leaf, airbags, helper springs? to make this level out and not be cali with the spacer?

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i think the 7.5 kits can only handle another inch in the front?? they already have steep angles.
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