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Nnbs ccm2.5"?

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Are you guys with the CCM 2.5" running just the front spacer or are you running the full kit that also has the blocks for the rear? Just trying to see what your thoughts are.

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The 2.5" CCM will put you at level. If you need the rear raised up a bit for towing purposes then add a block.
I am running just the spacer and it leveled me out.
Dude do a search and you will find a ton of info on this. I did the same thing though when i first joined.
google (auto springs ebay) they make a sweet 2.5" spacer that comes with a 1.5" add a leaf. was perfect for my 09...
If I only put the 2.5 spacer from CCM on my truck will I still need to get an alignment after the install?
Yes you will.
For a ECSB the 2.5" is too tall and you will need a block in the rear. That was the situation with my truck anyways.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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