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I have a NNBS center console for sale. I bought it used for my truck and I fixed it up and now I changed my mind and don't want install it anymore. It is in great used condition with a few issues I fixed. First was the latch that was broke but I super glued it back together and added some bracing to give it more strength. Now it latches perfect. Second was the front two pieces were broken so I got some tan ones that were in perfect condition and painted them to match. You can't even tell. Third there was about a half an inch cut in the leather lid cover and I made a neoprene cover that covers the lid to cover it up. Would go perfect with some neoprene seat covers. And last item is there was a crack in the rear piece that I super glued back together and you can't even tell unless I point it out. Also from shipping the rear cover was bumped and is miss aligned on one corner but with the lid closed you can not see it.

I want to be honest with the condition but once it is install you wouldn't even know about these issues I fixed.

Asking $200 plus shipping.

Here is the crack that I glued. The picture makes it stand out more that it really does.

Here is the miss alignment but can't tell with lid closed.

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