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NNBS 1500 Front Bumper Metal Brackets/Braces & Lower Air Deflector

For sale is my metal front bumper brackets/braces with OEM hardware and the full lower air deflector with attached license plate bracket, tow hook cutouts, and fog light cutouts that came off my 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500. A 450 maintenance truck with a rear bumper mounted vice backed into my parked truck, damaging my truck's chrome center bumper piece and chrome 1500 grille. The reason I took the OEM front bumper off is because I decided to switch to a Fab Fours bumper-only replacement bumper.

These are the metal brackets/braces that serve as your trucks actually front end corner protection behind the bumper's corner end caps (thought when thebrackets being fairly small, I don't know how well!) and is what your chrome or color match bumper end caps, center bumper piece and air deflector attach to.

Please note:

*My pair of OEM Sheer Silver bumper end caps with their fog lights have already been sold.

*My pair of OEM front black tow hooks with their mounting hardware has already been sold.

*My chrome center bumper piece was damaged when my truck got backed into, so it's not worth putting up for sale unless someone is looking to practice making a Mazulla-type NNBS half bumper.

This would be ideal for someone who has front end damage on their NNBS Silverado 1500 or bought a used NNBS Silverado 1500 with an aftermarket replacement front bumper and wants to gather the pieces to return to a stock front end.

I'm asking $175 for everything. I would be willing to separate the lower air deflector from the bumper brackets. Price these parts from the dealership parts counters or and you'll see that this is a deal.

NO SHIPPING! I will meet in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and possibly places along I-35 between Fort Worth and Austin.
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