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NNBS Group H.I.D fog light bulb buy!!!!!!

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I emailed a place that sells a 5202 H.I.D bulb that will fit into the housing of the nnbs fog light. These are the direct fit ones, just to clarify. This is what he told me the prices would be

This is if you get just the bulbs.
If you order 10/pair more 5202 HID bulbs we give youu $50.00/pair, (6k,8k,10k,12k). for 3000k $60.00/pair.
If you order 5/pair more $59.00/pair, for 3000k 69.00/pair

This is if you get the kit.
If you order 10/kits more 5202 HID kitwe give youu $100.00/pair, (6k,8k,10k,12k). for 3000k $110.00/kit

If you order 5/kits more $110.00/pair, for 3000k 120.00/pair

Who wants on?

1)08Chevy----------------8000k- Bulbs
3)JB----------------------6000K- Bulbs
4)Astrnaughtwanabe------?????K- Bulbs

Fog Light Kit
1)09WhiteNBS------------8000k-Fog Light Kit
2)CTucker----------------6000K-Fog Light Kit
3)07BLKChevyZ71---------6000K-Fog Light Kit
4)Jameson----------------8000k-Fog Light Kit
5)1BADDURAMAX----------6000k-Fog Light Kit
6)LowNLow24/7-----------6000k-Fog Light Kit
7)IamKeniff---------------6000k-Fog Light Kit
8)DC_htx-----------------8000k-Fog Light Kit
9)FreddieG----------------6000K- Fog Light Kit
10)8.1 HD-----------------3000k- Fog Light Kit
11)Racedad70-------------6000k-Fog Light Kit

Here is a link for reference too!!!-5202-hid-fog-light-bulbs-free-shipping-p87.html
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I will get in on it but need some advice on what I need to get.. and also I have never done a group buy?
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