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NNBS Lowered Right quality

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I have a 08' Sierra Denali AWD. right now It's leveled with rear shackles and with the upgrade on the wheels I'd like to lower it. I've been thinking about the GF kit 9857, which is a 2-4 drop. I dont want to slam it as I tow quite a few times throughout the year. The GF 2-4 kit replaces the stock leafs for lowered leafs, I'm wondering how the ride is compared to stock. Will I be sacrificing alot of right quality for the drop.

Thanks the help


Here's a shot of the truck now

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Ground force make some good quality riding stuff from what I hear. 2/4 drop should ride just as good as stock:imo Its just a full kit is so damn expensive. Especially from Ground Force. If you can, shop around and see if you can piece a drop together. It will save you money. Unless you don't really care about the price then go for it.
Thanks for the reply. I know I want spindles for the front for my two inches. and the rear I want leafs. I probably just haven't found them. But I was not able to find lowering leafs for the NNBS sold seperately. I assume thats all i would need to make the 2-4 drop?

Well, if you do not care about what brand, you can contact tim on here and you get leaf springs from him.
Get a flip kit and hanger for 4 inches if you're concerned about towing. Aftermarket leafs are usually quite a bit softer than stock.

I am selling the hanger you need just FYI.
I have AirLift Aircell's on it now for towing, But I do plan on switching over to bags
What are the BEST rear shocks to run then after the flip?

People have diffrent opinions on things. Just gonna have to take someone word. I'm not sure if you can do air shocks with a 4" drop.
No point in air with 4 inches. Do Ground Force shocks.
Well if money is not the problem then just go with the full kit from ground force then. It will be your best bet for what your going to be doing.
What do you tow? I had just as much clearance when I was at 2/4 than stock with the bumpstop trimmed.

I had spindle with flip kit and hanger and it rode exactly like stock.
Towing a boat and a car trailer. I planned on air bags for towing no matter what kit I heard to use. Just looking for the info from you guys, as you've done it already!!

Thanks for the help guys,

No point in air with 4 inches. Do Ground Force shocks.
I'm running air right now at 5", and it definitely rides better than stock... but I also am going to 4/7 when I get those spindles from Armando..
i have the Ground force leafs in the rear they ride ok. They are little stiffer then stock i cut off the factory bump stop and removed the factory block to give me a 5" drop in the rear. You have to buy the kit to get them unless you can find someone just selling the leafs.
So Far I think I'm going to plan on GF spindles, Flip kit with a hanger, and GF shocks?

I think, lol. That make sense?

Check your PMs :shake:

I loved how mine rode at 2/4 and 2/5 with the flip and hanger.
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