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I already have my lowering kit and I cant wait to jump in and get this taken care of but I wanted to know if there are any tips or tricks you all that have tackled this already have for those of us going to give this a shot.
the thing that intimidates me the most is the rear. How hard is it to flip the rear over the leafs do you have to take the leafs out completly?

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this was helpful when i did my drop. take your time and good luck.

1) place jackstands at flatest part of frame as far back as possible, somewhere under your rear door area.

2) keep jack under diff with slight pressure.

3) remove shocks

4) if you have trailer hitch remove the 3 bolts on each frame side, then slowly loosen the bolts that hold it to the frame. This will allow the hitch to pivot down from the frame allowing access to the lower shackle bolt.

5) remove the (3) 9/32 scerws that hold the gas filler neck on.

6) place a jack under the gas tank

7) remove the 2 bolts/straps that hold the tank up

8) lower jack till tank clears the top frame crossmember, then slide it over a few inches

9) remove front drivers side leaf spring nut and rear drivers side lower leaf shackle nut...not bolts.

10) while jack is under the diff with slight pressure, remove the u-bolts on drivers side only.

11) slowly lower jack till spring centerpin is above diff perch.

12) remove front leaf bolt, then rear leaf bolt

13) put clamps on each side of centerpin on leafs and remove the bolt/nut and set u-bolt plate aside. Then reverse the bolt/nut and install on leafs and remove clamps.

14) Jack diff up to allow leaf to be installed underneath axle.

15) install leaf under axle with appropriate brackets.

16) tighten front leaf bolt only, leave the rear bolt/shackle snug.

17) jack the tank up and re-attach tank straps/bolts, then re-attach the (3) 9/32 screws for the filler neck.

passenger side is the same just without having to lower the tank.

with everything tight except the rear shackle/leaf bolts, install shocks and wheels then lower to ground. Now with the weight of the truck on the ground, tighten the rear leaf/shackle bolts.

whew...I think I covered everything :crazy:

btw.....this is all assuming you have cut off the bumpstop brackets and removed spare tire:read:

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i put mine on jack stands by the frame under the rear doors. i then took the shocks off, undone the e brake cable at the frame side (on the drivers side) i then disconnected the driveshaft. i then took the passenger side leaf pack off and rolled the rear end straight with the truck *passenger side forward and the drivers side to the rear* i then dropped the drivers side leaf spring from the shackles and put the rear end over the leaf springs. i then put the passenger side leaf back on and installed my flip kits. i found it was easier with a transmission jack to hold the rearend.
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