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On Dec 2 I will have my McG 4/6,5/7 drop available for sale. I have to remove it still.
The kit consists of adjustable struts, dropped spindles, Flip kit, shock relocators and rear shocks that came with the kit. I'm also including the Belltech alignment cam kit(Unused) and some, brand new sway bar steel end links with poly bushings and new lifting shackles incase you want your truck at a 6" drop in the rear instead of 7".

I have no pics yet since it's still on my truck. It has been on my truck for just over 2 months. The drop looks cool but I'd rather have my truck back leveled on 33's.

$800 shipped for it all.

540-223-3785 Paul Call with any questions or offers.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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