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NNBS on 22s

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My friend just got a NNBS Silverado and quickly slapped his 22s on it...what do you all think??

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I like...a lot. Shackles would help big time...
Not bad... rims just look so small on the NNBS... 24's would be ideal, but for 22's those look great.
i like
lower the rear and it will be perfect.
Kinda small, IMO.

Looks good anyhow. Something about the GMT 900's that makes me think they look better as a crew cab.
Not bad. Much better than stock, of course.
Size looks ok, as does the truck, but I think the rims themselves are ugly.
does he wanna sell his stockers?
Not that I know of...I could ask him though. Where are you...we are in Miami.
a 2/3 drop wouldn't hurt
Still look like a 4x4 tho.
perfect dd size...big enough wheels with plenty of sidewall
perfect dd size...big enough wheels with plenty of sidewall
Exactly...he is not into dropping and all that. Just a good looking DD.
it needs to be lowered really bad. At the chevy dealer I work at, they just put a set of 22's on a NNBS RCSB and it looks like ass at stock height. Big rims=lowering
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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