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NNBS Remote Start

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Is it a major task to add a factory remote start to a 07 silverado?
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Factory remote start sucks. I looked into it with mine, you need BCM programming, the module, and the fobs. It was going to be like $450 total. I went with an aftermarket 2 way paging alarm AND remote start with a far better range for $50 more.
Is it a major task to add a factory remote start to a 07 silverado?
Check to see if yours has the remote start accomodations package. If so it's rather simple to add. I do agree that the factory one isn't that great might be worth considering if you are setup for it. If you PM me your vin I can pull a BARS on it and tell you if it has it. Would be a nice break from all these freaking C4C deals I've been doing today. :crazy:
at minimum do some price shopping. but as someone who has factory RS and used to have aftermarket... get the aftermarket
50 foot range vs 1400-1 mile range
easy to defeat stock system vs hard to defeat aftermarket
cant add much to vs easy to add on alot to system
hard to replace and expensive vs lifetime warranty and easy to deal with
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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