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NNBS stock 18s and tires!!

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Off my 08 Silverado. Tires have 30k miles on them...still plenty left. Wheels and tires in great shape. Asking $650 obo. Includes wheels, tires, center caps, and lugs. Does not include TPMS sensors. Tires/wheels are for sale locally so I may pull this ad at any time.

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bump for a great guy.
Damn, wish you were closer. A friend of mine is dying to get some of these on his 99.
Where are you at? Shipping would probably kill it.
Nebraska. Yeah shipping would kill the deal, there are some locally but they want more than you. But probably yours + shipping would equal out to the local guys' prices.
True. I'll be in Illinois in October if you wanna come get them there...if they're still for sale! lol
Damn Dave! I wish you would have had these up for sale before the meet...Id rather have these as my winter wheels than my Esky wheels.
They were for sale before the meet, I just hadn't posted them yet! :tongue:

hey will u sell just the wheelsif so how much to ship to 83815
Where in IL are you going to be?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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