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NNBS sub box, subs, and amp

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- NNBS crew cab Subthump dual 10" carpeted (ebony) downfire box $100 obo + shipping

- ZX750.1 Kicker amplifier $200 obo + shipping

- 2 10" Rockford Fosgate P3 subs $80 each + shipping or $150 for both + shipping

I will sell all of it together for $400 + shipping. If bought all together I will include all the wiring. Power wire and fuse, remote wire, etc..Everything that came out of my truck.

All this stuff was used for 8 months and is still like new. Fits great and sounds great. It will really beat if you want it to. I rarely ever had it turned up though. Not sure why I even bought all of it :think:

Local pickup is fine or I can meet you somewhere (don't want to travel more than about an hour though) if you pay for my gas. I'm located in Colbert, Ok 74733 about an hour and 15 minutes from dallas and 3 hours from Oklahoma City.
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How much for the subbox shipped to MI 48183.
Second in line if limited2k doesn't take it. Shipped to 78653 or how far are you from Durant? PM me please!
I'll have to check on the shipping and get back to you later today. I will get pics up by tonight!
Cool, let us know. Btw is this the subwoofer box with or without the space for the amp?
Good question. I forgot about that. It is the sub box that has the space to mount the amp in the middle.

If someone buys all this stuff together I will work out a great deal!!
Thanks, man but I'm going to pass. This box doesnt meet the sealed enclosure specs for my subs (JL Audio 10w3v2's) if it was the one without the amp rack it would have been perfect. I guess that should have been the first question asked, sorry! Thanks again! Next in line can have it.
Price on the whole thing (box, amp, and subs) shipped to business address in 29485. PM if you like.
To ship the subs it will be around $15 a piece and same for the amp. The box will be around $30 shipped to each of the zip codes above. These are just approx. ups shipping rates. They came off there website. So if it might be a couple bucks higher or lower.
limited - Ok man no problem.
$350 + shipping to 36301 for all of it?
worth a try.... do you still have the box???
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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