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I have a 2013 2500HD Duramax. Just got it back from the body shop a few days ago (guy pulled out in front of me back in October) took most of the front end off but didn't touch the engine except for the radiator and fan.

Anyways, after I got it back I noticed the brake lights were stuck on. And when I turned my high beams on, I got the message "hood open" in the DIC. Took it back to the body shop where he had to pry up on the brake pedal alittle bit to get them to shut off and some how got the hood open message to stop. Drove it for a day or two with no problems. This morning driving to work, as soon as I hit my high beams, I lost all of my lights-high/low/marker/brake/and turn signals. Even lost my horn. And at the same time, the ABS, traction control, and parking break light came on the dash. With the "hood open" and "service trailer brake system" in the DIC. But the dash will still light up for the high beams, fog lights, and turn signals. Even tho they aren't working. Check every fuse and found nothing blown.

Taking it back to the shop tomorrow and he is gonna take it to the dealership. Just didn't know if anyone had an idea on what it might be, or what to check next.

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