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not a truck, but my new ride...

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ok guys, got my new car. in the pic it has 5% all around and 20% on the windshield... i have since installed my escort 9500i and removed the tC on the back, replaced the antenna with a nub antenna. and covered the side mirror turn signals and the 3rd brake light with black out covers... (if you cant tell im going to the blackout out route)

what do you think i should do for rims? its on 17" now. im thinking 18"s cuz its a factory option. there was one on the dealers lot with 19"s looked pretty good. and there are a few nissan Z's around town on 20"s that look sexxy! what size/style should i do? i kinda like all black no chrome rims. there will be no chrome anywhere else on it.. but sometimes the look of the chrome lip looks good on a blacked out car...

picture of the tint...

things SOON to be installed...

more things coming soon too! :gayfight:
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Those little cars are pretty cool. A good daily driver for sure. A friend of mine has one and its cool, but the trunk is super small.

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The factory ground effects kit is pretty nice...saw it installed on a white TC with a carbon fiber hood and some nice bronze wheels, I think 18". It was in either Modified, Super Street, or Turbo, can't remember, but it looked really clean. Nice car buy the way.


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Couple chick friends of mine have them. We dropped one on Hotchkis coils. Nice package, comes with new bumpstops and all. Tirerack has them for under $200 shipped.

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im getting smoked LED tails, and black projectors.

was planning on dropping it on TRD springs 1.5" drop

dont think i want a body kit. i really like how it looks without it, if i do it, it will be the last thing.

time to price out 19"s the bigger the better, right?

and GMCBlack, i know its not a beemer so sorry if this is offensive, but my car is modled after yours, i love your rides, ALL OF THEM!:drool:

oh, and truck is sold:bawl:

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I think you should get those BEAR wheels on it, the ones with the lil bear in the center. That and maybe put some vinyl lollipops here and there for some added graphics...
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