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Notice anything alittle diffrent in this pic?

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See anything wrong? This is a buddy of mine. And no it isn't stock. :evil:
I know it's a ford but it's bad!
Please right click and save on the video as the bandwith is limited.

Right click save as
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slimm44 said:
nice, i saw his car on focaljet (the focus forum). :rocking: i kinda miss my old focus. if i could get a second car, it'd be a zx3 with that same V8 kit. :D
the kit is built for a 302. He put a 351 in it. :rocking: he is always craving more power. He raced a 03 mustang cobra with several bolt ons, exhaust, intake, and smaller s/c pulley and stayed beside it. And he ain't done yet.

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one of my buddies would love that car. hes got a saleen kit on his focus, and a cobra crate engine in his bronco. hes been wanting to swap the 302 in. that car is badass! :rocking:
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