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Last time i changed my oil i noticed my transfercase finally started leaking due to the infamous pump rub issue. It never leaked enough to drip and puddle in my driveway, only while driving so the fluid was getting blown off the transer case and onto my rear driveshaft, fuel tank and rear axle. I ordered the pump rub repair kit and a new rear case half from merchant automotive.

Here's a few pictures i took during the install

this is what the crack looks like from the outside of the case, it is very small

wasnt too bad to remove, i had someone help me get it out from under the truck. we did not need to put the truck on jack stands or use a transmission jack to get it out.

i put it on my workshop/kitchen table and removed all the 10mm bolts holding the case together, the speed sensors, and the snap ring that holds the case to the rear output shaft. a good set of lock ring pliers helps.

here you can see the snap ring in the case that holds it to the output shaft, as well as the spot where the pump ear has been rubbing the case if you look closely

a closer look at the rub spot

on the left is the rear output shaft bearing, toner ring, pump pickup tube and filter, a bunch of silicone trash it picked up, the magnet and the disassembled pump. on the right is the merchant upgrade kit which came with loctite, rtv, a new gasket and the pump housing.

on the left is the factory pump housing, the right is the merchant automotive upgrade part. there is a lot more surface area and it is rounded to prevent damaging the new case

pump going back together - you can also see a bettter shot of the little protective clip that goes on the case to prevent the pump rub issue, siliecone sealant that fell off in the case, and the pickup tube o-ring

all back together

case half back on and ready to re install
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