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oasis carnage ...

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Well i'm not sure why this happened but where the motor meets the compressor the shaft broke off , the motor still works but is unusable now , the compressor still builds pressure .

I plan to rebuild it and buy a clutch and run it off the engine now , but wtf ?!?!?! :think: here is a pic of the compressor no pics of the motor , but you can see the metal in the end of the shaft , any thoughts ?? anyone had this happen ???

It has been on the truck for 4 years roughly and been taken care of aside from rain and dirt from the back tires .

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What exactly is an unloader ?? the compressor has been on the truck since long before i owned it , there is alot of oil on the inlet filter , i can spin it by hand and build pressure on my thmb at the end of the leader hose .

I dont know much about these compressors but the way i got the truck it was already broke , i had to stick my 380's on it from my impala to get it off the ground .

same as a shop compressor , normally in the pressure switch ???

i'll be sure i set it up right when i redo it , thanks man .
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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