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oasis carnage ...

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Well i'm not sure why this happened but where the motor meets the compressor the shaft broke off , the motor still works but is unusable now , the compressor still builds pressure .

I plan to rebuild it and buy a clutch and run it off the engine now , but wtf ?!?!?! :think: here is a pic of the compressor no pics of the motor , but you can see the metal in the end of the shaft , any thoughts ?? anyone had this happen ???

It has been on the truck for 4 years roughly and been taken care of aside from rain and dirt from the back tires .

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did you have a unloader installed?
a unloader releases the air pressure off the head of compressor after it reaches its set max pressure. when you dont have one, its harder to get the compressor to turn when under pressure. it puts stress on that shaft im sure when if first starts up. if you dont hear a hiss after the oasis has pressured the tank to its set psi, then you most likely dont have a unloader. if you stick with it and run it off your motor, then you definitely need one.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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