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Ok guys, what do i need to make use of some of the free obd-2 diagnostic scan tools found around the internet. I know i need a cable that has a male 16 pin connector to plug into the obd2 port on the truck but what else? Can the cable simply be an obd2 16 pin connector to like a db9 serial connector? Like this.

I have seen on some sites what they call interfaces. Do i need one of these if i am just trying to use a program like Car Code OBD-2 or diagnose?

Or are these types of interfaces just for use with that companies corresponding software?

What i am really asking is, if i were to just get one of the cables like first pictured and hook it from the truck to laptop would the program understand the info it is receiving? Like i say, i am planning on using Car Code OBD-2.
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