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obs 2 door wiring problems

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Alright guys so I somehwhat recently acquired a 96 6.5 two door Tahoe. Anyhow everything seems to be working fine but the HVAC. There's this tangle of wires underneath the drivers side panel underneath the steering column thats hanging to the floorboard. I'm not sure what's going on here or what's OEM and what's not. If anybody could help me with what's wrong with my HVAC, what exactly this cluster of wires is or does, or could point me into how to solve this I'd certainly appreciate it

It says valet on this?

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thats defiantly an alarm system or remote start and shouldnt have an affect on your h.v.a.c system. what kind of issues are you having?
i agree pull the unit out and test it and also check for voltage going to the unit from the connectors on the truck when the key is on acc. and test the ground wire for continuity. if there is no voltage at the connector then test at the fuse to make sure that your getting voltage there
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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