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obs stuff(94)

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stock lca's 50$ plus shipping

stock uca's 40$ plus shipping

stock spindles 50$ plus shipping

3" lift coils 50$ plus shipping

2" lift blocks for the rear 15$ plus shipping

performance teknique 800w amp 50$ plus shipping free rca's

for the lift kit all together ill take 50$ off

i only accept either personal checks or money order and no that is not to screw someone outa money. its because its easier
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More details on that amp. 2 channel? what? Pics?
no problem pm me whenever you want it.
also have the original sway bar with frame mounts
bumpity bumb bump. need shit sold.
(change) upper and lower control arms are now 10$ plus shipping. and spindles are 25 plus shipping
Amp still $50? Ill probably pick it up for my dads truck when he gives me some money.
too tell you the truth idk where the amp is. i left it in my garage and now its gone so either someone threw it away not thinking or its put up. either way when i find it ill pm you iceman and if its not there ill be getting a 1000w amp in a few weeks for even cheaper that ill sell you.
Haha you sound like me. I lose stuff like that all the time. Just PM me whenever man.
all prices are obo. also open to trade for just about anything. ie dashes door panels head unit doesnt matter.
so if i bought the coils what would i need to use em new control arms?
nope. fit on factory location.
If you can get me a shipping quote I will probably take the upper and lower control arms
shipping should be between 25 and 35 so in there somewhere.
$45 bucks shipped for the upper and lower arms? If so I'll take them.Do you take Paypal?
well its 10 for ucas and 10 for the lcas and im sorry but no i dont. its gotta be money order. and no im not gonna give you the shaft. i just dont like paypal cuz i have to use someone elses account
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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