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OBS tail light bulbs need quick info

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So I'm trying to order all the LEDs to do my tails, 3rd brake light, etc.

On my 95 I know each tail light has 3 bulbs in it. 2 bulbs for stop and turn and the bottom bulb for reverse.

I'm getting two bulb #s 3057 and 1157...I need to know which is which so I know what quantities to order and my manual isn't helping..

So is it the 2 park and turn in the tail lights is the 3057 and the backup is the 1157 or what?

Also the 3rd brake light has 4 bulbs, those are 921's correct?

Also my dome lamp (the high center one that comes on when you open the truck, what's the number on that? Mine just has 1 cylinder type bulb up there but the manual says the dome has 2 bulbs??

I've searched all over multiple forums and tried to get diagrams off google so I finally had to ask. I wanna order them all and get it right the first time tomorrow so I had to ask. Helps greatly appreciated guys.
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im not sure how it is on the obs, but on the nbs the led's i put in are all 3157s, the 3rd brake lights are 912s, and the dome light was just listed as a festoon bulb led.

hope it helps
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