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OBS tail light bulbs need quick info

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So I'm trying to order all the LEDs to do my tails, 3rd brake light, etc.

On my 95 I know each tail light has 3 bulbs in it. 2 bulbs for stop and turn and the bottom bulb for reverse.

I'm getting two bulb #s 3057 and 1157...I need to know which is which so I know what quantities to order and my manual isn't helping..

So is it the 2 park and turn in the tail lights is the 3057 and the backup is the 1157 or what?

Also the 3rd brake light has 4 bulbs, those are 921's correct?

Also my dome lamp (the high center one that comes on when you open the truck, what's the number on that? Mine just has 1 cylinder type bulb up there but the manual says the dome has 2 bulbs??

I've searched all over multiple forums and tried to get diagrams off google so I finally had to ask. I wanna order them all and get it right the first time tomorrow so I had to ask. Helps greatly appreciated guys.
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Okay. I ended up going to autozone and got the tail light bulb #s I needed which were 3057 and 1156. 3rd brake are 921's the rest are mainly 194's interior and exterior. My dome light I'm still kind of unsure. In the manual it's listed as a 203 or similar....but it says there are 2 bulbs when really theres just 1 cylinder type bulb in the dome...hrm.

The LED site also says it's better to order red LED's for brake lights. Something about it emits that red light better if the bulb is red than if it was white/clear. Then the reverse lights obviously should be white/clear. I'm gonna do all the interior and exterior lights here soon.

I sure would love to see pics of guys that have done LED's in the taillights, license plate, and 3rd brake light. Wondering how much of a difference they'll really make.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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