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Genuine 20" OEM Silverado SS Rims, center caps, and tires.

Reason for selling is my wife and I are having our first child in July and I've decided to liquidate what I can live without to free up some cash. I've owned these rims for over 4 years and I had planned on keeping these forever. But it's funny how quickly perspective changes when you see that ultrasound.

Anyway, on to the product.

Factory Chrome 20" Silverado SS rims
Falken Ziex 275/55/20 tires with about 35% tread left
4 Center Caps included

Rims have never seen snow, salt, offroad, curbs, or tracked car washes. They've always been hand washed with soap and water, and hand dried. Tires have no cuts, gouges, or plugs. As mentioned, the tires have about 35% tread left on them (I estimate you could get 10,000 more miles out of them comfortably). I put around 5-6000 miles a year on them while I've owned them. This combo has always been put on in April, rotated in June/July, and removed in October. I've taken pride in owning these and understand/appreciate their rarity.


GM stamping. You can actually see my truck in the garage behind)

Tire/Rim #1 (farthest left)

Tire/Rim #2 (middle left)

Tire/Rim #3 (middle right)

Tire/Rim #4 (farthest right)

On the truck

I'm located in mid-Michigan (Lansing area) and would prefer not to ship, as it would kill the deal. I am willing to drive a few hours to meet someone in the middle. Asking $1100 for everything if you come pick up or $1100 plus gas if we meet in the middle. I'm willing to drive up to 3 hrs away to meet.
For geographical reference, a 3 hr drive gets me around:
Cleveland, OH
Mansfield, OH
Delaware, OH
Sidney, OH
Muncie, IN
Peru, IN
Gary, IN
...and pretty well anywhere in the lower peninsula of Michigan

I'm basing that price off what little I can find on eBay or anywhere online to compare these to. Please know that you are getting a genuine GM product that has been well cared for and will serve you and your ride well. If you need/want any more photos, then please let me know.

Thank you for your time gentlemen. I hope someone can find these a good home.


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*Bump it to the top*

There's got to be an SS clone out there looking for these. Pass it along if you know of anyone.

Thanks Gentlemen
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