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Off road Y-pipe

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So as most know, the Y-pipe from LPP wont clear the front drive shaft on a lifted truck. So I went to a local shop to see if he could build me a custom one. He said he could for $150. He also suggested instead of adding the Y to bring it all together, to build a system that is true dual with 2 1/2 inch pipe. He said he could bend it all to fit and then would go into a 2in 2out super 40 flowmaster dumped before the rear axle. He said that would be $400. Is there any benifit to having the "true" dual or what I currently have with the Y-pipe?

Currently I have the Lpp long tubes with their Ypipe(drive shaft is out), no cats, single in 40 series flowmaster, dual exit strait out the back.

so what do you guys think?
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Yeah I thought I heard someone mention that true duals wasnt need on our trucks thats why I wanted to check before I did anything. he seems kinda like a typical sales man.

So he's just going to build me the 2 1/2 Y for now. Im kinda tight on the budget (isnt everyone?) so thatll be it for now, but maybe later on Ill change whats after the Y. Thanks for the help everyone.
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