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Off road Y-pipe

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So as most know, the Y-pipe from LPP wont clear the front drive shaft on a lifted truck. So I went to a local shop to see if he could build me a custom one. He said he could for $150. He also suggested instead of adding the Y to bring it all together, to build a system that is true dual with 2 1/2 inch pipe. He said he could bend it all to fit and then would go into a 2in 2out super 40 flowmaster dumped before the rear axle. He said that would be $400. Is there any benifit to having the "true" dual or what I currently have with the Y-pipe?

Currently I have the Lpp long tubes with their Ypipe(drive shaft is out), no cats, single in 40 series flowmaster, dual exit strait out the back.

so what do you guys think?
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What is the benefit to having the y pipe and not running true duals?

I have a ton of 2.5 mandrel bends and was just goin to run true duals but if i'm better with the y I'll go that route but i don't get why the y would be better then duals with an X pipe.
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