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Offroad Tech Articles

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Here is a list of offroad tech articles, lots of people dont look in the tech area so I thought I would put a link here. Also if you see any errors or have data you can add then post it up here!

Note: The axle and transfer case one are far from complete, the info is hard to come by so thats why they are not done. The lift ones have some blanks but are closer to what I would call complete. The SFA one I update as I do my work.

NBS half ton 4x4 lift applications

NBS HD 4x4 lift applications

SFA on a NBS half ton 4x4

Axle quick reference guide

Transfer Case quick reference guide
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Just updated the NBS lift specs to include the new Superlift 5" lift. On paper it looks like a good spindle lift other than it doesnt have compression struts - they claim "its so strong it doesnt need them" I call :bs: on that one!
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