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offset for a 4x4

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I've got a 04 silverado ext cab thats a 4x4.

I want 22" wheel but before I go around and searching for the rim I like, what is the exact offset I need to keep in mind. When I lower mine, I plan on going LOW, so they need to be able to tuck. The truck wont be low enough that it will sit tucked but I need to keep in mind of body roll when taking turns so I believe it would be safe to have a wheel that tucks so I have not tire rub.

Whats common for a lowered 4x4, 9" or 9.5" wide rim?

I did a search and mostly all I found guys asking if this certain wheel would fit and people just answered yes or no, didn't see anyone give a proper offset.

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Anyone?? :think: :hmm: :think:
I think that's around +35 or +40? mine obs so might be different, might be same but for mine to tuck I need +35mm at least for front with 20".
nbs the offsets are the same as 2wd, obs was different
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