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ohm question that sticky doesn't answer

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As I was replacing the stock speakers in my extended cab today, I noticed that the stock speakers are 8 ohm. The Polk db460's that I replaced them with are 4 ohm. Is this going to affect sound quality, distortion, etc.?

IMO, they sound great, much better than the stock. When I had the right side in and the left side was still stock, I was testing sound quality. Popped in the new Saliva CD and noticed that with the stock speaker you don't hear any of the cymbals or hi-hats. With the Polk speaker, everything was crystal clear.

But back to my original question, can anyone give me some insight on this.

BTW, pictures of the install are on page 2 of my cardomain site.
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Sierra Man said:
I'm using the stock deck with no amp for right now. The Kenwood 6.5" speakers I have in the front are 4 ohm as well. It rocks, I just hope I don't fry it. Possible?
4 ohm is the industry norm, you're fine with the factory deck, why they put in 8 ohm, who knows, were the stock fronts 8 ohm also? I'm thinking maybe they put the 8 ohm in back to make the rear speakers less noticeable since they are so close to your head. If you halve the ohm load you double the power, hence why the polks are that much louder than the stock.

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ok heres why they do that. If you have a vehicle like a conversion van with 4 rear speakers and 4 fronts, you need the 8 ohm speakers. Why, cuz 2 8s = a 4 ohm which is just fine with the stock radio and any aftermarket radio. I seen them range from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 and even some 10 ohm speakers in my days of doing this. There never seems to be a reason and they seem to change them whenever the hell they feel like it.
The systems in the SS camaros and TAs can come with a by amped system with seperate 4 channel amps running the 2 ohm front and rear speakers as well as the tweeters mounted either in the sail fin or mounted like a co-axial! Plus dont forget the 4" seperates in the rear and maybe even the 6 1/2 Bose sub!
Most of the Bose speakers are 1 ohm! Why? So they dont need a power supply to increase the size of the amp and make it cost more like a normal car amp. Most car amps run a power supply to get voltage up to each of the amp stages, btw. They take the original 12volts and comvert that into something like 24, 36, and then 50 volts so each of the amplifier stages along the way so the discrete amplifier channels can do their job of increasing the signal voltage from .5 volts to around 50+ volts.
and incase you ever wanna repalce your Bose speakers in your nissan, bet on around $450 per speaker cuz they have the amps built in. (I had a customer get told that they couldnt replace the radio or speakers in her Nissan so she spent 1600 on 4 new speakers in her Maxima! Boy was she pissed!)
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