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Any help appreciated!

Dipstick says add, service engine soon light on.

Oil changed 1 month ago 6quarts mobil 1 5w-30

no leaks detectable, oil pressure guage normal, no oil light

starting to ping

What the heck?

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2kSub said:
not around here,they all charge, autozone will loan it to you for a deposit of $200.

WHAT!?!?... just go in to the counter dude, and ask him if he can scan your truck real quick.. i just did it yesterday... they are all the same... we used to do it all the time at Advance, and that was in Indiana.

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Shit man, if you're low on oil add some...that's a no brainer.

It probably got lost due to shitty oil control rings or via the PCV system.

The code is probably not related but check it anyway.
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