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oil pressure switch?

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, im werkin on a 99 chevy 1ton 2wd with the 5.7

its runnin bad, has no power under load it just stalls out, started trouble shooting the fuel system its supposed to run around 65psi i ts running around 50psi, feplaced the filter, in m chilton for 88-98 ( the 1 ton is the same as the 98) under fuel system 5-16 for testing the fuel pump i made it to step 13 "if the fuel pump does operate, start the vehicle and remove the relay. the vehichle should continue to run. if vehicle stalls, check the fuel pump/oil pressure switch and its wiring."

start it , pull the relay, it dies, . i cant find the fuel pressure switch and the book has no other listing of it, however it is an actual part

any help??
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The oil pressure switch is located at the back of the motor behind the distributor.
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