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ok.. need some help...

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i need pictures of the passenger exhaust manifold... i need a picture from a truck that was sold in cali and one that wasnt... i need to figure out if my truck has an air injection pump.... i dont think i do, but i had my stepdad look for me, and what he describes, it sounds like it does.

he said there is a cylintrical lookin thing coming from the top of the manifold with a tube about 3/8 in. thick... w/ 2 bolts 180 degrees apart... ... he also said there were wires coming out of it... i dont remember seeing wires on my impala though, (the injection pump was on the drivers side also) maybe it changed from 96 to 2000... i just want to see some pics to verify... thanks to everyone who helps me out with this!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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