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ok something wierd with system.HELP!!

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ok so at low volume has a bit of engine noise I moved ground a couple of times and settled at the chassis below the cab.I have only 2 feet of ground wire total. I have a pioneer 5700 dvd 4 ga power and grounds, a 1.2 farad cap,Concept 1200w amp and 2 concept 12"s,the rest is stock speakers and no amp,I also haVe the swi-x for the steering sounds good except for this whine at low volume and it has interference through the subs when the turn signal is on, my wires are on opposite sides of the truck power on driverside and signal on pass. I tried grounding my Rca's like a loop isolater and nothing changed I might change the RCA's and see if that is the problem but thought I'd ask the experts first, as alot of people here know alot more then I do with this stuff. Thanks,PAUL
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reground the radio, sounds like the factory ground is going bad
Well reground the head unit today and no dice still is the same I'm gonna try moving amp ground again and maybe some rca's too this week so we'll see I just want this thing to sound clear as I can so I'm gonna try everything I can and the RCA's are an older set I had so I'm gonna go look for a good shielded Pair as I dont even think these are shielded, any recommendations? Thanks,Paul
Keep your RCA's as far away from all power wires and the amp remote wire as possible. If they do have to cross, cross them as an X, you don't want these wires running side by side. The power wire from your battery will pick up engine noise, and transfer it through the RCA's and into the amp. Make sure all your grounds are touching bare metal. The least amount of ground points, the better.
Yeah they are on oppisite sides of the truck and I have 2 ground points total all to bare metal so I have no clue Its starting to annoy me though So I'll keep trying to figure it out.Thanks,Paul
Were is the remote wire running? I had this problem in my Dmax with a Alpine headunit. I switched it out for a Kenwood and it went away. So i could be the wiring in the headunit and if so, there isn't much you can do about. Turning your amp down will help, but then it won't hit as hard.
Along the driverside sill with the power wire and Rca's are on Pass. side Iwas thinking that too I had heard some problems with the 5700dvd like that but I dunno.
No matter how good my ground wire was, I had the same problem. I bought a ground loop isolator at bestbuy for like $10 and haven't had a problem in 2 years.
I tried it the ghetto way with wire inside the RCA's and nothing changed but I may buy A set to be sure if they are only like 10-20$ it can't hurt.
Ok bought new RCA's and a GLI and put them on seprately to try which one fixed it nothing changed but as a team they worked perfect and Haven't had a problem thanks guy's I owe ya,Paul
Which RCA's did you buy and how much did the GLI cost you? I'm having the same problem and have done everything you have done. Still getting noise through my subs and it comes through at about 100hz. If I turn the amp to a lower freq. then it goes away somewhat, but I need my 8's for some fill up to about 150 hz becuase of the small 4x6's. Thanks for any info.
RF High performance they were $41.99 for 16.5 feet and the GLI was $17.99. these prices were at Best Buy, I wish they would have had the RF comp. RCA's but the HP are a step below in noise deadening features try them and good luck remember the GLI goes on the hed unit side.( just in case but sure you know this) Good Luck,Paul
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