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One for now

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Here's a lil taste of 40's
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the pic is shitty because photobucket doesn't like resizing my pics the right way anymore :pissed:
ok resized and now its better
:rocking: sweet...the 4.88's working out pretty good then with the 40's?
haven't really gotten on it yet so i have no idea...should still be decent
looks sweet zuby, your flames dont look crappy now :read:

one thing i've noticed sine i've gotten a lift is that i really need to get rid of that goofy stock attena

Do you think i should get gap gaurds in the rear? I don't think it looks all that bad without them

I agree about the flames looking a whole hell of alot better but still poopoo
gap guards are a must with a bodylift:imo
that's what i usually think but i don't screw it, slvrpismo has some layin around so might as well put them on
Slvrpismochevy96 said:
what is the pic of? its a red x for me :pissed:
:word: :imo
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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