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ORU's SAS Kit Question

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Ok, I have a 95 Z71 and want to do the axle swap using the ORU kit. My question is, what is the difference in the dana 44 and 60 kits. There is a guy selling a 44 local to me and I was toying with the idea of going ahead and getting that so I can have some kind of axle under my truck and get it rolling. When the time (and money) roll around, I can pick up a 60 and go from teh 44 to the 60 and have it be almost a direct bolt in. Is this possible?

I figure I can go ahead and get all the major work done, and put the 44 in, and then when i get to it, go ahead and buy the 60 later so i can really abuse it :ninja:

Or would it be a waste because of all the things that i will have to change to go from a 44 to a 60

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If i were you I would just go on the ORU website and look up there phone number and ask them directly, they make it so they should know whats up. As far as Dana 44 and 60, like they said before it depends on the usage but you can build the hack out of a Dana 44. I know a guy who runs 44 inch tires on his dana 44 and he rebuilt the axle and has never broken anything. He does mostly mud though.
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