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Overhead Console in a 88-99

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I would like to put an overhead console in my regular cab. It currently doesn't have one. How difficult is it to take out the headliner and attach the console, or is that even necessary? Also, is there some kind of wiring harness that can be used to make the lights on the console work on a non-factory console truck? I would like to use either the factory OBS ext. cab overhead console or the NBS one.
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I think you *should* be able to use the OBS one. There is only one screw that holds it down (up?) at the front, and then it sort of hinges in at the back. The holes may already be there for it, but you'll have to cut thru the headliner to get to it. when i'm back home on thur i'll take some pics of mine so you can see what i'm talking about.
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