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Well, I pulled my console down this afternoon in hopes of getting the part number off the back for the plate where my switches are mounted (to order an unmolested plate to go back in) ... BUT the switches site on top of the number and most of it is gone.

So, if anyone has one, say they may be selling, if you could look and get the number for me I'd appreciate it. Or if anyone is feeling real generous and is willing to spend a few minutes to lower theres down and look for me I would GREATLY appreciate it.

If you aren't familiar with how it comes out, it has one screw at the very front, once that is out you slide it towards the back of the cab and it comes down, one wiring harness to unhook for the map lights.

I've also been considering what I might could put up there, and can't think of anything ... I don't have XM radio, and a clock would be redundant as the radio already has one. Any ideas? If I could put something in the hole I wouldn't have to order a new one. Thanks.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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