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P0140 O2 sensor code

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today my truck cut the check engine light on and when i checked it was this code. it says no circuit activity and is detected on bank 1 sensor 2, which one is that? trucks got 4 like what im assuming is normal, before and after on both sides
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thanks man
Ok, so if I don't change it immediately since it's the back one it's not like it's gonna totally mess with it, like i can still drive it till I get the new one in right?
Ok, well gas mileage I, not worried about since I only drive like 10 mins to school, and yeah I'll check the wiring, we did the trans recently and had to take the exhaust off so maybe some wire got moved and did short, and my dad has a acdelco one but it's got the wide 4 pin plug that would connect to the front but the rear has the square 4 pin so could we cut the plugs and solder them on and it be ok? Or is there a real difference in front to rear in how they work for fuel/air or emissions
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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